On September 20, 2017 Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico causing unprecedented damage and sparking the longest blackout in US history. Today, more than seven months later, some areas are still completely without power. Even where electricity has been restored outages are common.

San Juan Wave of Destruction

Bring Light, Bring Hope

Energize-Mobilize is a new initiative to provide mobile electricity in the aftermath of catastrophic events like Hurricane Maria. In partnership with S2 Equipment (Stage 2) and Good360, Energize-Mobilize: Puerto Rico will bolster ongoing recovery efforts on the island while building resilience for the next storm.

Help Energize-Mobilize: Puerto Rico!

HANS™ PowerPack 300 Units Purchased : 18
  1. Purchase a HANS™ PowerPack 300 for donation to Puerto Rico and Stage 2 will donate a HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 as well as make a cash donation to support energy access in Puerto Rico*.
    Donate a HANS™ PowerPack 300
  2. Make a monetary contribution to the Billions in Change Foundation. 100% of all donations will be used to support access to electricity in areas without power.
    Donate to the Billions in Change Foundation
  3. Spread the word through social media to draw both attention and funds to the cause.

Stage 2 is kicking off Energize-Mobilize: Puerto Rico by:

  • making an initial donation to Good360 of 50 HANS™ PowerPack 300 and 50 HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 units
  • donating a HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 as well as making a cash donation for every HANS™ PowerPack 300 purchased for donation
  • pledging to donate an additional 100 HANS™ PowerPack 300 and 100 HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 after 100 HANS™ PowerPack 300 have been purchased for donation.
Billions In Change Foundation

For more information please Contact Us.

*All HANS™ products purchased for donation will be distributed through Good360 to vetted on-the-ground charities in Puerto Rico, which will deliver them to those in need.